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Editing text image in 3D-Album

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2005 7:02 am    Post subject: Editing text image in 3D-Album Reply with quote

For those who do not have any experience in using an image editor, here is the step-by-step walkthrough for how to edit the text images supplied in our new style TDTWeddingPS0001 to TDTWeddingPS0004.

1. "Click the Edit Image..." button in the Scrolls tab.
2. In the 3D-Album image editor, you will see the last image. At the bottom slot, click the first image from which you'll start to work.
3. We'll change the background color so you can see the white text clearly.
4. Double click the ruler in the document window.
5. In Grid setting dialog, click the the "Background" tab (the last one)
6. Double click the two color boxes of the "Checkbord" colors. Change them to two different dark gray colors.
7. Click Okay to close the dialog.
8. In Toolbar, click the second tool (the selection tool with a top-left pointing arrow).
9. Double click "John" in the document window. You'll see a box indicating that the text is in edit.
10. Keep pressing the "Del" key to delete all characters.
11. Type your own name. Press Return key to finish.
12. If you want to change the position, click and drag on the text.
13. In the left panel, you will see a list of attribute such as color and font for the text, change them as you will.
14. Do the same thing to change the "Mary" and "Special Thanks" text.
15. Press "Ctrl+S" to save the file.

16. Click the second thumbnail in the bottom slot to show the second image.
17. Use the same way as described above to change the text.

16. Click the third thumbnail in the bottom slot to show the third image.
17. This page uses a different text approach. Double click the text to show the text frame.
18. Press Ctrl+"+" to enlarge the image to 100% so you can see the text clearly.
19. Edit and modify the text as you use other word documentation tool.
20. Click the Selection tool (the second tool) in the toolbar to finish the text editing.
21. Press "Ctrl+S" to save the file.

22. If you want additional page, edit the text again.
23. Choose Save As menu in the File drop menu.
24. In the popup dialog, click the "Keep" button. So you can keep the text for editing in the future.
25. Save it to a different name, say, _vimg3a.png, _vimg3b.png, _vimg3c.png, etc.

26. Repeat until you modified and saved all images.
27. Close all document windows and back to Create page.

28. If you want to delete or re-order the text images, click the "Load Image..." button the "Scrolls" tab. In the bottom slot, drag the image that you do no want to the outside of the bottom slot. Drag and drop inside the slot to re-arrange the order.

More tips:

These text images can be found in the 3D-Album's installation folder with a path:

Presentation/3DT Wedding Show/TDTWeddingPS0001/_finish
Presentation/3DT Wedding Show/TDTWeddingPS0002/_finish
Presentation/3DT Wedding Show/TDTWeddingPS0003/_finish
Presentation/3DT Wedding Show/TDTWeddingPS0004/_finish

You can use any image editor that you are used to. I recomend you to save a copy before and after you have edited text. Removing an image using the dialog described in step 28 will actually delete the file.
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